What You Need In Your Bath Tub Now: Basin White Review



Most people’s vacations consist of surf, sun and sand. This was true for me but I added an extra ‘s’ : soap. The last leg of our trip to the Walt Disney World Resort included a stay at the luxurious Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. I’ve been there several and have always found myself walking around the gigantic lobby and main building with my mouth hanging open in awe. The lobby is huge and covered in marble with shops, restaurants and a brass band that plays to the visitors from a second floor overlook. Every time I’ve visited, I’ve never taken the to stop into the Basin White shop, a luxury bath and body shop with products created with skin-healthy ingredients.



Upon spying some colorful and eye-catching soaps in the window, I decided to pop my head in and take a peek. My first stop was to the bath salt station. For $4.99, a customer can fill up an entire bottle with any of the many scents Basin White has to offer. I was watching another lady fill her bottle and asked her opinion on the best scents. She recommended Paradise(blue-green) and Pink Sugar but told me that she like too many scents to choose just one or two. She and I ended up with identical, rainbow-colored tubes, like you see above. I chose Pink Sugar, Satsuma(orange) and Paradise. A little of the bath salt goes a long way so this tube will last me for a bit.

DSC_0025My daughter and I hit the sinks and tested many of the heavenly skin scrubs. My daughter immediately set her sights on the Basin White Bath Bombs. The staff member was kind enough to demonstrate for us how the bath bombs work. The store had a small tub, which she filled up and let my daughter choose the bath bombs she wanted to add to the water. She chose a Pink Sugar, which turned the bath water slightly pink at first, then it faded. The bomb bubbled and fizzed, leaving a soapy, beautifully scented layer in the water. We immediately decided that we needed some bath bombs in our lives and stocked up a Bath Bomb Barrel, which holds four large bombs, five medium bombs or seven small bombs for the price of $19.99.



Of course, my daughter and I needed to check out the foaming bath. We had both decided that Pink Sugar, which smells like fresh cotton candy, was our favorite Basin White scent, so it was a no-brainer which scent to choose for the foaming bath. I don’t think I need to tell you that my daughter insisted on a bath as soon as we got back to the room. She chose to use not only a bath bomb, but some foaming bath and salt as well. The ritual was repeated our first day home. Lucky for me (and my readers), we don’t have to travel all the way to Orlando to purchase Basin White. You can shop online for their extensive line of products at Basin White . If you have any questions, you can contact Basin White at 1-888-77-BASIN, on twitter @BasinWhite or Facebook.



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