Day 3 Military Diet Review

Weight loss this morning: .5 lbs

Total weight loss: 2.5 LBS

I am at the end of the diet and the end of my rope. Today is what I like to call starvation day. Meals are very limited. I seriously hope I can make it to the end of the day without a meltdown.

Breakfast 7:30 AM EST

5 Saltines

1 egg prepared with cooking spray and scrambled

1 small apple

Lunch 12:30 PM EST

Grilled Chicken over romaine and tossed veggies with vinegar and oil

This became the point where I threw in the towel. I needed to eat my normal fare – I couldn’t subsist on minimal amounts of foods and feel like crap for most of the day. I am a busy mom of two and I need ever bit of energy possible. This diet probably works for some but not for me. I truly would rather stick to healthy foods and exercise as opposed to these types of plans. Truthfully, I’ve felt better and lost more in three days when I have used plans such as the 21 Day Fix, The Atkins Diet or the South Beach diet. I don’t personally recommend this plan and feel that there are better ways to drop a few pounds quickly and feel good while doing so.



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