MAC Neutral Cool and Warm Palettes: A Review


Let’s cut to the chase: most people do not have time to bounce from palette to palette to get the perfect eye look. While stopping by MAC to pick up concealer, I noticed my salesperson’s gorgeous makeup. She had an autumn-inspired gold and auburn sultry eye that was outstanding. When I asked her what colors she used, she picked up the MAC Warm Neural Palette X 15 and showed me how she applied the shadow. I was hooked and bought it. The colors are versatile and can be used to create looks for any season.


Cool Neutral X 15

Then, guess what? I discovered MAC had the same X 15 palette in cool shades. I thought about buying the palette. It’s not cheap at $85.00. I compared it to some palettes I already own and decided that in my opinion, the quality of the MAC shadows was better than some of the palettes I have in my possession so I purchased the cool palette and cleaned out some of my old stuff. I have to extremely grateful  younger cousins who were more than happy to take my gently-used hand me downs.


Warm Neural X 15

I already stated that I love the versatility of these colors; they are also durable and easy to apply. The shades are also easy to remove with makeup wipes. One tip the MAC makeup artist gave me is that the gold shades in the warm palette (bottom left) can be used as a highlight on your cheeks! Talk about multi-tasking! SO, in my opinion, it was well worth the money spent on these two lush palettes. I highly recommend them if you’re looking to make your makeup collection more practical and trim down on palette overload. Once I bought these, I was able to purge palettes that were sitting in my drawers. Check out your local MAC store or online to get more info.




3 thoughts on “MAC Neutral Cool and Warm Palettes: A Review

  1. Beauty Anti-Guru says:

    I recently picked up the warm palette, thinking that it’s pretty much like getting 15 shadows for half price – to fill a normal Mac palette is $160. It’s almost intimidating how many choices there are, though – I don’t know where to begin!


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