Target Mini-Haul: NYX and Essie



I’ll spare you the details but I will say the winter blues have set in. Hard. Yesterday was the first day I’d been out of my house in awhile. So, of course, I hit up Target. In an effort to cure the blahs, I picked up a few beauty items I have been waiting to get my hands on. With Spring around the corner (and on my mind), I thought some color would put the kibosh on the dreary day.

Essie In the Cab-ana from the 2015 Sunday Funday Line

I don’t have too much to say here. I love the color. It reminds me of my favorite by the pool spring/summer cocktail – a Seagrams Escapes Calypso Colada. The color is a bit brighter and punchier than a Tiffany blue. To me, it screams tropical. I want to scream because of this weather and could use a little bit of the tropics in my life, so it’s a perfect fit.

DSC_0038NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm (L) and Istanbul (R)

Matte? Yes. Long lasting? Istanbul stayed on longer; Stockholm seemed to slide off my lips. Can we discuss the scent? I think NYX was aiming for a cake batter smell but it’s more buttery than sweet.  I am not a fan of the smell but I do the color of Istanbul.

NYX Eye Brow Shaper

It doesn’t really do much. Not a keeper. I’d truly rather spend money on Anastasia products that actually work as promised than blow $9 on a wax stick that does diddley.


Essie All In One (Base, Top Coat Glaze)

It works as promised. My nails look fabulous; too bad I paint them like a six-year old.



Wrapping Paper Vomit Tornado:My Holiday Review – Crayola,Smoobee and OPI

DSC_0034The anticipation of the holiday season starts to build around Black Friday. People feverishly shop – hoping to get the best deals and purchase everything on their loved one’s must have items. You decorate, you wrap gifts, attend holiday parties. I personally had to rip myself from a warm cozy bed on Christmas morning to get gifts under the tree, take random bites of stale Oreos left for Santa and take a swig of the beer I carefully placed next to said cookies. If I am being honest, I didn’t mind that part much and hey – Santa really doesn’t really drive – Rudolph does most of the work, so I say the big guy is entitled to a swig or two of beer for all his toiling.

My point is all the anticipation and excitement is over – for me, at least – in about two minutes and thirty seconds. The kids shred through the gifts, leaving me sitting clueless in a hail of brightly colored wrapping paper vomit. I have no idea who opened what, never mind get a picture of them opening their loot. It’s a crazy whirlwind and I always can’t help feeling a little disappointed that I don’t get to savor the moment a little more. All the hype, anticipation and excitement – gone and done in a  in a hot minute.

I’ll stop complaining now and get down to brass tacks. I wanted to point out a highlight, a ‘meh’ and a fail.




Crayola 200-Piece Masterworks Art Case

My daughter is a budding artist. She draws everything. I mean everything – including ‘Draw My Life’ – thank you very much to YouTube. It was time to revamp our broken crayon, dried out market collection and this was the perfect replacement item. On top of her major love for it, I love it. The collection brought me right back to my childhood. My favorite crayon -Sky Blue – was front and center in briefcase and I immediately set to work drawing puffy hearts and clouds. Included are paints, pastels, crayons, markers, colored pencils, safety scissors, glue and glitter glue. I hid the glue because my kid is obsessed with making signs for everything. Right now, tape is her ‘go-to’ adhesive to pin up her ‘property of’ signs, but I don’t want her getting any new ideas. The kit retails for 37.99 but shoppers can usually catch a great sale at either Toys R Us or Target when they do the BOGO 50% off.


Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Good Girl Gone Bad and OPI Liquid Sand in Get Your Number

Good Girl Gone Bad is a glitter polish that I received in my Sephora Glitz and Glam Essentials Sampler. I was super excited to try this polish because it looks like a disco party in a bottle. I loved this on my nails – however – it was off within 24 hours. I used an Orly Sec ‘N Dry  (as a base and top coat) with both this polish and the OPI – with the same results. Both looked gorgeous and sparkly but chipped off in hours. It may be the Orly product, so I am not counting out either polish just yet. I need to find a quick dry and base that will protect my nails and manicure while allowing me to get polish off easily.


Pretty. Ineffective.

DSC_0027Fail: Smoobee brush

Again, this is a purchase for my daughter. Her hair is a giant knot most days, which makes brushing it an epic battle. I saw this pain-free brush on Zulilly and decided to give it a shot. It comes in a variety of colors and includes are faux stick on jewels that can be used to decorate the brush. In short, this brush was an epic fail on my daughter’s hair – wet or dry. In order to ensure she was not just being overly sensitive, I tried it on my own hair. Fail. Sorry. Pretty brush, but it didn’t work for us.

Cheers to 2015,


Learning Curve: Jamberry Nails




One of my first memories from childhood was having my nails painted by my grandmother. I chose a bright red, which was a bit much for a three-year old, but grandma obliged and used it. Nothing has changed since then. I still love to paint my nails and have a massive collection of polishes at my disposal. A little over a year ago, some acquaintances of mine started using Jamberry Nails. It took me until these last few weeks to finally get my butt in gear and order some.

To those who aren’t familiar, Jamberry nails are adhesive decals that bond to the nail with the use of heat and gentle pressure. What I really like about Jamberry is the endless array of designs for your nails. I chose Diamond Dust Sparkle and Pumpkin Spice in honor of the upcoming holiday season.

Jamberry and Essie

Jamberry and Essie

I encountered some issues with my first go around of application. I am sure that my extremely dry skin and cuticles didn’t help the matter (please excuse their appearance in the photos). What I have come to learn is that you need more than the suggested 3-5 seconds of heat application to the decal’s adhesive – you need at least 9-10. I held one corner of the nail cover with a tweezers and used my blow dryer to heat it up. Another thing I learned? I am dangerous with a hair dryer. I blew practically everything off my vanity with the hair dryer.

My second application of Jamberry went much smoother; I just need more practice with fitting the decals to my nails and cutting the length of the decal. I paired my new sparkly Jamberry nails with my current favorite Essie fall color, Take It Outside. Over all, I will try Jamberry again and hopefully get better at applying the decals. You can check out Jamberry for yourself at . Leave your own experiences with Jamberry in the comments – tell me about your favorites!DSC_0013

Until next time!