Barbie Collection From Forever 21: A Review


I absolutely love Barbie. More so, I love Barbie’s wardrobe. Even more specifically, I obsess about her vintage wardrobe, starting from its inception in 1959 and up through the early 1980’s. So when I discovered that Forever 21 had a collection of Barbie branded goodies, I had to get my hot little hands on some of the pieces. My favorite part of the accessories? The vintage pony tail emblem centered on the compact and makeup case. The enamel compact is a double-sided mirror which I am sure one of the mirrors can be removed and possibly fitted with pressed powder.




The makeup case is pretty typical – made from nylon and light-weight. There are no pockets or dividers to keep things separated  or organized. My daughter is in love with the case and wants it as a lunch box. I get the feeling I will be purchasing a second case from Forever 21. For 9.99 for the case and 3.90 for the compact, I can’t complain. Shipping was also lightning-fast, which is a bonus in my eyes since I have absolutely no patience. I highly recommend this item to Barbie collectors and lovers of all things girly. Check it out at a Forever 21 near your or online at .


Now, what to do with my new treasures? Do I actually use them or display them with my Barbie stuff? Thinking it over, I may have to pick up a third of each.