YouTubers You Need To Watch: Fall Edition

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 8.48.13 AMHappy Fall! One of my new favorite things to do is curl up on my sofa, watch YouTube and overdose on pumpkin spice lattes (or beer, depending on the if it’s a weekend or not). I have so much respect for the YT creators who work diligently to produce quality content. So, without any further ado, here are some of my new favorite YouTubers.

This Is Dan Bell

Over the summer, my new hobby became watching abandoned property exploration videos on YT. Dan’s videos are amazing to watch with his spot-on editing, music and commentary. Make sure you take the time to watch his Dead Mall and Dead Motel Series.

Adam the Woo

Another abandoned explorer and also a lover of Disney and film buff, Adam is among my favorite YouTubers. My favorite Woo videos? Watching his exploration of the abandoned Minelli mansion and Burt Reynold’s abandoned ranch. Join him, shall you?

Cinemassacre (featuring the Angry Video Game Nerd)

Not a newbie, Cinemassacre has been on YouTube since 2006. Video game reviews from the 90’s and early 2000’s make up a good part of the material covered. James Rolfe and Matt Matei are your hosts and there is never a dull moment on the channel. I especially enjoy reviews by the Angry Video Game Nerd (Rolfe) and after watching an episode, I can’t get the theme song out of my head. Watch and you’ll see why.

Allison Wilburn MUA

I’ve been on the lookout for the few months for a new beauty guru to watch. I came across Allison’s tutorials when searching MAC cosmetics tutorials on YT. She is a seriously talented makeup artist and her videos are extremely informative. Check her out!

I’ve got some more reviews coming soon, including a review for Lego Dimensions and some random hauls. Stay tuned!





MAC Neutral Cool and Warm Palettes: A Review


Let’s cut to the chase: most people do not have time to bounce from palette to palette to get the perfect eye look. While stopping by MAC to pick up concealer, I noticed my salesperson’s gorgeous makeup. She had an autumn-inspired gold and auburn sultry eye that was outstanding. When I asked her what colors she used, she picked up the MAC Warm Neural Palette X 15 and showed me how she applied the shadow. I was hooked and bought it. The colors are versatile and can be used to create looks for any season.


Cool Neutral X 15

Then, guess what? I discovered MAC had the same X 15 palette in cool shades. I thought about buying the palette. It’s not cheap at $85.00. I compared it to some palettes I already own and decided that in my opinion, the quality of the MAC shadows was better than some of the palettes I have in my possession so I purchased the cool palette and cleaned out some of my old stuff. I have to extremely grateful  younger cousins who were more than happy to take my gently-used hand me downs.


Warm Neural X 15

I already stated that I love the versatility of these colors; they are also durable and easy to apply. The shades are also easy to remove with makeup wipes. One tip the MAC makeup artist gave me is that the gold shades in the warm palette (bottom left) can be used as a highlight on your cheeks! Talk about multi-tasking! SO, in my opinion, it was well worth the money spent on these two lush palettes. I highly recommend them if you’re looking to make your makeup collection more practical and trim down on palette overload. Once I bought these, I was able to purge palettes that were sitting in my drawers. Check out your local MAC store or online to get more info.




Until Dawn: A Review

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 5.19.38 PMIf you’ve stuck around my blog long enough, you know that I have been impatiently waiting for Supermassive Games Until Dawn to be released. As a horror fan, the release of this game was super exciting for me. From the teasers, the game seemed to incorporate all the elements of a traditional horror flick: a cabin in the woods, drunken teenagers and a possible serial killer on the loose. All stereo types are represented, included the cocky-ass class president, the jock, the slut, the good-natured sweetheart, the mean girl, and a matching set of boy and girl nerds.

The game starts with the teens partying at a massive cabin in Blackwood Pines during a blizzard. Twins Beth and Hannah Washington, along with their brother Josh, have invited a group of the nearest and dearest for a weekend of good clean fun (read: drinking and sex) in the secluded cabin.  I say cabin, but in reality, the house is more like a log ‘mansion’. The mansion is set on a huge parcel of land that is also home to the abandoned Black Pines Hotel and Sanitarium. Cue the scary music…..

I won’t stick too  many spoilers in here but I will give you the basic idea. The beginning of the game starts with a cruel prank that ends in disaster when twins Beth and Hannah go missing. The girls are never found and their devastated brother Josh invites the same group back to the cabin one year later. The unsuspecting teens don’t know exactly what or who awaits them out in the bitter cold – either above ground or below in the old abandoned mine shaft.

You get to play as all the characters in this story and each choice that you make while playing predicts the butterfly effect – what will happen with each character in the story based on the choices previously made. As each character, you collect clues and totems. The totems represent a potential outcome in each scenario and are categorized as loss, fortune, death, and danger. Collecting all totems and clues unlocks a video that will show the player the events of the past that triggered the whole story line.

I’ve run through the game twice. The first time I played as bare bones as possible, meaning I didn’t take as much time as I should have to seek out totem and clues; I just wanted to get the storyline and game play down pat. Once you finish the game, you are allowed to go back in and play each episode. If played differently than originally, can change the butterfly effect of your original choices. Thus, the storyline changes.

The final word: this one’s a keeper. If you have a PS4 and can get your hands on a copy, go for it. I will admit the storyline did go a bit rogue on me – a twist I totally wasn’t expecting – but was a nice surprise. For more info on Until Dawn, check out Supermassive Games.



Catch Up With Me!

I’m back in action and have a few reviews coming your way! Until Dawn is burning a hole through my PS4 and I have some new goodies to review from MAC, NARS and Kat Von D. I’ve also been enjoying the last few weeks of summer and sunshine before the fall marches back on the scene.



Get Makeup-Ready For Fall: MAC Edition



Hey all! The dog days of summer are winding down (boo) and if there is one thing I am looking forward to in the fall – it’s fall makeup. I find that jewel tones are the most flattering on my skin so I love the color variety offered in autumn cosmetics. I thought I would take a moment to share my favorite MAC fall items. Some items are new and some are old favorites.




Bottom to Top:Heaux,Instigator,Studded Kiss Gloss (Top): Rebel Liners:(L)Currant ( R) Ruby Woo

When choosing my lip colors from MAC, I stuck to shades of berry, plum and oxblood. I picked up one to-go sized lipgloss on Rebel, which is a cross between a berry and plum. Currant is a staple in my lip pencil wardrobe and Ruby Woo is a new purchase. I have heard amazing things about Ruby Woo and plan to pair it with some of my non-MAC products or wear it on its own. I have no complaints, just praise, for all of these lip products. I have a huge love for the amplified lipstick Heaux, which is a vibrant berry. All lipsticks apply smoothly and are incredibly moisturizing.



Veluxe Pearl Fusion Fabulous Three


Veluxe Pearl Fusion Tres Chic


L to R: Tres Chic, Fabulous Three

I can’t say enough great things about MAC’s  Veluxe Pearl Fusion eyeshadow trios. Tres Chic and Fabulous Three contain perfect fall shades, including moss and cabernet. I’ve been having a blast playing with color combos from the trios and pairing them with my other palettes. The shadows are highly pigmented and eye-catching. My husband, who never notices my makeup, told me I looked like a goddess when I used the Tres Chic trio. That speaks volumes. I used Mac’s Groundwork Paint Pot as a base and it held the shadow on for  eight hours plus. There was a tiny-teeny bit of fall out with the lighter shades but it was a small enough amount to remove easily.

Also, I included in the photos  a few additional fave  MAC items in my repertoire. Pictured are Cubic blush and shadows in Wedge, Ricepaper and Club. Hit up MAC to check out my faves and their latest fall products.







Day 3 Military Diet Review

Weight loss this morning: .5 lbs

Total weight loss: 2.5 LBS

I am at the end of the diet and the end of my rope. Today is what I like to call starvation day. Meals are very limited. I seriously hope I can make it to the end of the day without a meltdown.

Breakfast 7:30 AM EST

5 Saltines

1 egg prepared with cooking spray and scrambled

1 small apple

Lunch 12:30 PM EST

Grilled Chicken over romaine and tossed veggies with vinegar and oil

This became the point where I threw in the towel. I needed to eat my normal fare – I couldn’t subsist on minimal amounts of foods and feel like crap for most of the day. I am a busy mom of two and I need ever bit of energy possible. This diet probably works for some but not for me. I truly would rather stick to healthy foods and exercise as opposed to these types of plans. Truthfully, I’ve felt better and lost more in three days when I have used plans such as the 21 Day Fix, The Atkins Diet or the South Beach diet. I don’t personally recommend this plan and feel that there are better ways to drop a few pounds quickly and feel good while doing so.



What Would You Do Wednesday:Cheating Significant Other

Not only is this not a typical Bitsy Besty post but the title is slightly misleading. Let me clarify. You’re out with friends for, say, drinks and dinner. You pick an out of the way spot to go to just to change things up. You’re enjoying your friends, cocktails and great food, when you happen to look up across the bar and spot a familiar face. It’s a friend’s wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend and he/she is not alone. This person is openly flirting with, kissing and touching another person – and it’s not your friend. How do you handle it?

I ask because I keep seeing these scenarios pop up here and there. I experienced it once or twice myself back when I was single. As an example, I had a friend with a long-term, dickhead of a boyfriend. One weekend, she was on a business trip and I hit up a beach bar we would visit once in a while. I remember sitting in a beach chair, sipping my Coors Light (my choice of cocktail in my  early 20’s) when I noticed Douche Boy playing grab ass with a girl who was obviously not my friend.

Now, they were all over each other in an overly-familiar way. There was definitely a level of intimacy and comfort that led me to believe these two were very familiar with each other. Like, naked familiar. Douche Boy practically tossed his little friend off his lap when he saw me staring. He didn’t approach me and I didn’t approach him. Did I tell my friend? The answer is no.

Why, you ask? First of all, my friend was so in love with Douche Boy that she would believe whatever he told her. So, what I said, wouldn’t matter. Even if she did believe me, it wouldn’t matter. She would stay with him no matter what. It would also put a strain on our friendship. So, I thought it through and it wasn’t worth it.  So, what would you do? Tell me your stories!!!


Day 2 Military Diet Review

Day 2 Weight Loss – 2 LBS.

My husband is doing it with me and lost the exact amount of weight. That’s a first. I figured he’d be about five pounds down after the first day. He cuts his toenails and usually loses five pounds so I am a bit surprised by a two pound loss. He followed the diet exactly so I am not sure why he didn’t lose more. I am more shocked I actually was down two pounds. I guessed a half pound loss but I will take two!

Breakfast 7:30 AM EST

1/2 banana

1 egg – cooked with cooking spray and scrambled

1 piece of toast

1 cup of black coffee

Still starving but so far feeling better than I did yesterday. I’ll check back in at lunch time!

Thanks for following my crazy rantings!

11:30 AM EST


2 eggs (prepared same as breakfast, one egg is a sub for cottage cheese. Yuck!)

5 Saltines

1 cup coffee

I’m still here! My hunger is slightly more manageable than yesterday but it still sucks 😦



2 hot dogs

1/2 cup steamed carrots

1 cup steamed broccoli

1/2 cup vanilla ice cream

1/2 banana

I feel satisfied because this meal provided enough food and calories to give me energy. I admit that I am not looking forward to tomorrow – which is the final day and what appears to be the most limited – both food and calorie – wise.

Thanks for sticking this out with me!



Military Diet: Day 1 Review

Please forgive me for any offensive language I may use in the next few paragraphs. This is day one of the Military Diet for me and I’m starving and cranky. I thought it would be more helpful to my readers if I updated this blog post in real time with my thoughts and feelings. If you are not aware of what the Military Diet is, basically it’s a diet that can help you lose up to 10 pounds in three days. Please see the Military Diet site for the exact rules to follow. I will tell you what I ate, when I ate it and if I am ready to punch a bitch for a Krispy Kreme donut. Which I am ready to punch a bitch for a Krispy Kreme – so if you are chowing down on one, stay FAR away. I will incite violence for pastries.

Day 1 Meal 1 (7 AM EST)

1 cup black coffee

1 piece of whole wheat toast

2 TBSP peanut butter

1/2 TSP baking soda in a glass of water (Normally, this would be a half of a grapefruit, but I can’t have grapefruit, so this is the only substitution for it.)

Current time- 9:15 AM EST

I am freakin’ starving. My stomach is making pregnant with an alien noises. This shit better work.

Stay tuned for my next update. Pray for me.

Current Time: 12:36 PM EST


1  slice of whole wheat toast

1/2 cup of tuna

1 cup of black coffee

It’s no surprise I am still hungry. Starving, in fact. However, I no longer want a donut. I want a chocolate cupcake with buttercream frosting. Continue to pray for me or send me a damn cupcake, readers!

Update at 2:41 PM EST

I almost had a breakdown near McDonalds. Not for food or a burger, but I really wanted a black iced coffee. The diet only allows for two cups of black coffee daily; one with breakfast, one with lunch. A shopping trip to Pier 1 has done nothing to improve my mood or curb my hunger.

Update at 3:25 EST

I cracked and ate my 1/2 banana and 1 cup vanilla ice cream that is supposed to be part of dinner. Mama’s losin’ it.

Update 5:26 PM EST


3 OZ skinless chicken breast on the grill

1 cup steamed green beans

1 apple

I have never been so happy to see burned chicken. Ever. And the green beans? Let’s just say one fell on the floor and I almost fought the dog for it. Almost. I am hoping this is my last post of the day. I am going to try my hardest to distract myself from thinking about food. Ha. Ha Ha.




What You Need In Your Bath Tub Now: Basin White Review



Most people’s vacations consist of surf, sun and sand. This was true for me but I added an extra ‘s’ : soap. The last leg of our trip to the Walt Disney World Resort included a stay at the luxurious Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. I’ve been there several and have always found myself walking around the gigantic lobby and main building with my mouth hanging open in awe. The lobby is huge and covered in marble with shops, restaurants and a brass band that plays to the visitors from a second floor overlook. Every time I’ve visited, I’ve never taken the to stop into the Basin White shop, a luxury bath and body shop with products created with skin-healthy ingredients.



Upon spying some colorful and eye-catching soaps in the window, I decided to pop my head in and take a peek. My first stop was to the bath salt station. For $4.99, a customer can fill up an entire bottle with any of the many scents Basin White has to offer. I was watching another lady fill her bottle and asked her opinion on the best scents. She recommended Paradise(blue-green) and Pink Sugar but told me that she like too many scents to choose just one or two. She and I ended up with identical, rainbow-colored tubes, like you see above. I chose Pink Sugar, Satsuma(orange) and Paradise. A little of the bath salt goes a long way so this tube will last me for a bit.

DSC_0025My daughter and I hit the sinks and tested many of the heavenly skin scrubs. My daughter immediately set her sights on the Basin White Bath Bombs. The staff member was kind enough to demonstrate for us how the bath bombs work. The store had a small tub, which she filled up and let my daughter choose the bath bombs she wanted to add to the water. She chose a Pink Sugar, which turned the bath water slightly pink at first, then it faded. The bomb bubbled and fizzed, leaving a soapy, beautifully scented layer in the water. We immediately decided that we needed some bath bombs in our lives and stocked up a Bath Bomb Barrel, which holds four large bombs, five medium bombs or seven small bombs for the price of $19.99.



Of course, my daughter and I needed to check out the foaming bath. We had both decided that Pink Sugar, which smells like fresh cotton candy, was our favorite Basin White scent, so it was a no-brainer which scent to choose for the foaming bath. I don’t think I need to tell you that my daughter insisted on a bath as soon as we got back to the room. She chose to use not only a bath bomb, but some foaming bath and salt as well. The ritual was repeated our first day home. Lucky for me (and my readers), we don’t have to travel all the way to Orlando to purchase Basin White. You can shop online for their extensive line of products at Basin White . If you have any questions, you can contact Basin White at 1-888-77-BASIN, on twitter @BasinWhite or Facebook.